Cougar Arts

Creativity is at the heart of invention. Tomorrow’s jobs require not just technical skills, but also great creativity, communication and design to make a user experience complete. Our Arts department provides a wide-lens for our students to expose them to the many ways the arts contribute to our daily lives in ways we don’t always recognize. Read more from our Head of School in her blog post on “The Importance of Creativity”.

Visual, Graphic & Decorative Arts

You’ve just got to see our beautiful Fine Arts Building. From watercolors to oils, from clay to kiln, from mixed-media sculpting to designing multi-media animation through Adobe&reg Creative Suite — Clariden is equipped with a dream arts department. We are fortunate enough to have a full-time arts educator on staff to incorporate the arts into all of our students’ days.  Curriculum is tailored to each grade level and combines art history, theory, culture, technique, expression and above all CREATIVITY. In addition, the arts department leads our community in

  • Graphic design, marketing and branding for our STEAM and competitive projects
  • Year book photography, layout, design and publishing
  • Set design for all school productions
  • Cinematography training for our annual student film festival
  • Annual art show and auction

Performing Arts

Music & Voice

From the ringtones on our phones, to the action sounds with the apps we use, music is an integrated part of our everyday existence. Understanding sound, movement, notes, and creating music are all a priority at Clariden. We understand the significance of music in enhancing creativity and learning. Students participate in music instruction from Cougar Prep through High School. Our music program enables students to explore the many aspects of music including how to read and write music, how to understand the science behind how sounds are created, and of course, how to use one’s voice. Our incredibly gifted music educator leads our students in creating the:

  • Clariden Winter Concert
  • Annual Spring Talent Show
  • Musical mixing and editing for STEAM projects
  • Musical scoring assistance for our student film festival
  • Musical performances for our theatrical productions and special events

Movement & Dance

Movement and motion are a core part of our music education. We also offer Dance as an elective exercise class in addition to a traditional Physical Education class. Students taking this class get a cardio workout and learn a variety of styles of dance. In addition, our Music and Dance educator contributes to:

  • Halloween Dance Choreography Competition
  • Clariden Winter Concert Choreography
  • Choreography for theatrical performances


From our student-made films to our annual theater productions, Clariden students have the opportunity to participate in a number of theatrical experiences. There are roles at the sound board, behind the curtain, front and center stage, and in set design. There’s something to match students’ interests and innate talents. Theater is an elective class available to students in 6th through 12th grades. In addition to weekly class time, there is also an after-school component to this elective for practice, building, rehearsals, etc. Clariden puts on 2 theatrical performances per year, one in the winter and one in the Spring.