We’ve been in school for almost 7 weeks – hard to believe that October is upon us! Each year I do what I call “check-ins” with our students Kindergarten through High School. This is an opportunity for me to sit with them one on one and ask them how school is going for them. It’s an opportunity for them to use their voice, to ask questions, to share ideas and to express what is working for them and what isn’t. It’s my goal to do check-ins at least twice a year with each student.
Last week I finished up check-ins with our second graders. I asked them the following questions:
1. How is school going for you so far?
2. What’s your favorite part about school?
3. What’s your least favorite part about school?
4. How are music, art and PE going for you so far?
5. What’s your favorite – music, art or PE?
6. Is there anything we can do to make our school even better?
7. Is there anything else you’d like to share with me?
I love these conversations. They provide for me great insight about the culture of our school and about our curriculum. I have found over my many years of doing check-ins that students have great ideas. I appreciate these informal conversations and have learned that check-ins are one small way for me to empower our students.
Check-ins give students a voice in their education, which aids in the goal of helping them own their education. To develop a life long learner, students must feel empowered and understand that their education belongs to them. When a student owns their education, research shows that they have greater success and are eager to learn, simply for the sake of learning.
“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” – Chinese Proverb
Sallie Wells, Head of School