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USSSC 1st Place Winner 2019

Clariden Wins US STEM Clean Energy Competition 2019

Clariden’s middle school team was awarded 1st place at the United States Super STEM Competition (USSSC) for 2019. The team participated in the Clean Energy division where the goal was “to produce the fastest spinning wind turbine.” The middle school team included Grant Sears, Benji Weisser, Seth Hughes, and…

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I Wish School Was Like This When I Was a Kid

Often times we hear our parents say that they wish they could have gone to a school like Clariden when they were a kid. So what is it that makes Clariden such a great learning environment? Here’s a few facts about Clariden: 1. The Clariden School of Southlake is…

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Clariden wins US Super Stem 2017

Clariden Wins US Super STEM Architecture Division Competition

Clariden’s middle school and high school team’s “Tiny House” project met the specific criteria for the architectural division of the United States Super STEM Competition. Students built tiny houses to scale. This was a very challenging project that incorporated design, art, construction, and mathematical concepts. We’re incredibly proud of the…

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