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Category: Letter from Head of School

Cultural Competence

Today I attended the 2nd Annual Families of Color Conference hosted by DFW Private Education. Clariden was a proud sponsor of the conference alongside such schools as Greenhill, Hockaday, Jesuit, Lamplighter and St. Mark’s to name a few. (    The conference’s keynote speaker was Dr. Kenneth Chapman who…

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Let’s Talk About Homework

There are numerous philosophies on homework. Some schools give countless hours of homework and others no homework. At Clariden, we follow the research that supports that meaningful homework has the most impact on a student’s learning outcomes. Homework should not be busy work but rather should be work that…

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Did My Mom …?

I had a student approach me this morning. He was very anxious (unlike him), talking quick, (a fluid speaker but faster than normal), and as he nervously played with his hands, I asked him if he was okay. He quickly replied, “Did my Mom bring you my contract?” I…

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It’s Admissions Season

This is the time of year where private, independent schools across the nation engage in, what is commonly referred to in our field as, “Admissions Season”. At Clariden current students have priority in admissions, meaning that they have the first opportunity to confirm their spot for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. Following current students, enrollment…

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Building Character – It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Building Character – It Doesn’t Happen Overnight Parents, schools, universities and corporations want individuals that have strong character. When talking with admissions officers this past summer I was somewhat surprised when asked, “What are you recruiting for?”, admissions officers replied, “Students with strong character.” When asked what this specifically…

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 Check-ins We’ve been in school for almost 7 weeks – hard to believe that October is upon us! Each year I do what I call “check-ins” with our students Kindergarten through High School. This is an opportunity for me to sit with them one on one and ask them…

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LawnMower Parent

What’s a Lawnmower Parent?

Most parents are familiar with the term “helicopter” parent. It’s been a term that’s been around for quite some time. The helicopter parent hovers over their child, taking on too much responsibility for their child’s experiences. It’s referred to as over-parenting. This type of parenting hinders a child’s development….

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Helicopter Parenting

Are you helicoptering? Last week my parenting class explored the topic of helicopter parents. There is a significant amount of research that states the negative impact helicopter parenting has on a child’s development. The research states that children raised by parents that heavily helicopter lack the following: 1. Grit…

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2018 Art Show & Auction

One of our new families asked me the other day what’s the Art Show and Auction. I think the best explanation is that the Art Show and Auction is a wonderful evening celebrating our students’ incredible art, enjoying great food, drink, fun casino games, time with family and friends…

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