Welcome to The Clariden School

Thank you for your interest in The Clariden School. We provide a rigorous academic program for college-bound students.  Accepting students from three years of age through high school, The Clariden School stands apart from other academic institutions  by offering  project-based learning in all core subject areas promoting flexibility in lessons to engage student interest.

Housing five buildings on a 23-acre campus with rolling hills and shady oak trees, we provide students roomy well-equipped classrooms, a full size gymnasium, fine arts building, computer lab with 3D printer, outdoor classroom, chemistry lab and library. We use a key card security system for entrance into buildings, offer before/after school care and competitive tuition rates. Visit our beautiful campus soon to learn how an education at The Clariden School can benefit your child.

Our Mission

The Clariden School of Southlake has a mission to offer next generation learning to a global community of independent thinkers by igniting curiosity, encouraging innovation and discovering genius.


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Texas Private Schools Association

The Clariden School of Southlake is accredited by the Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools (TAAPS.org) for students 3 years through High School. TAAPS upholds strict standards for accreditation ensuring exemplary organization and governance, guidelines for administration, faculty, facilities, finances, students, and academic programs. We are also a proud member of the Texas Private Schools Association (texasprivateschools.org).

What Is Project Based Learning?

This short video from Edutopia helps explain the theory behind Project Based Learning curriculum. “In this hands-on approach to teaching, students create schoolwork that demonstrates core subject knowledge. For more information and resources on project-based learning, visit http://www.edutopia.org/project-learning”

Top 10 Reasons Why Clariden Excels at PBL

  1. Clariden follows the Buck Institute’s Gold Standard when developing and implementing our projects.
  2. Projects are developed to meet and exceed Texas State Standards as well as meet all elements of the required Gold Standard for PBL.
  3. Projects span a length of time (4-12 weeks). This allows for a greater level of understanding – mastery of concepts and an in-depth understanding of how concepts apply to real world problems.
  4. Clariden‘s projects are designed to allow for creativity, collaboration and for students to have choice and ownership of their learning.
  5. Clariden‘s learning environment is designed to promote student voice. Students learn to use their voice to state what they know, what they’ve learned and how to present in a manner that reflects their knowledge of content and concepts and their ability to problem solve.
  6. Clariden‘s projects are enhanced by field study and travel.
  7. Clariden students gain knowledge from experts and mentors.
  8. Project work is integrated with concepts learned in content time. This reinforces learning and allows for further exploration.
  9. Clariden designs projects that challenge students to think about and create items that they may have previously had no experience with. For example: rockets, robots, the rain forest, rovers, Texas ecosystems, roller coasters, hatching of baby chicks, etc.
  10. Clariden students are actively engaged in their learning and are happy to be at school and most importantly – happy and eager to learn.
What we do at Clariden is not easily duplicated. Schedule a tour to learn more.
Buck Institute’s Gold Standard
Buck Institute’s Gold Standard

Meet Our Talented Educators

Sallie Wells

Sallie Wells

Anne Todd

Anne Todd

Elaine Gibson

Elaine Gibson

Casey Smith

Casey Smith