Month: February 2017

To Communicate or Not?

While teaching at the university level, I had the opportunity to teach a course called Practicum. As a part of this course, students worked at a place of business gaining practical experience. Over the years, I’ve taught numerous sessions of Practicum. For my students that were working within learning…

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What’s Hygge?

What’s Hygge? Pronounced: HOO-GA Hygee is a Danish term that according to Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen is the Danish secret to happy living. You’re probably asking me why I’m addressing this in Clariden‘s newsletter. Well, I’ve been so fortunate, over the past several weeks,…

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Leadership & Being Humble

I teach a parenting class each weekend and one of the members of my class was interested in gaining insight into how to teach children to be humble. As I researched the topic, I stumbled across a recently published article in The Washington Post titled: Leaders are more powerful when…

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